Food-for-Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occurs for many reasons, mostly it is common among older men but not necessarily a part of aging. It can also occur due to side effects of particular medicines or due to heart disease, diabetes, cancer-related, etc. To cure ED, there are lots of pills, therapies, surgeries, etc. But are there any HealthGains for patients of ED from food. As per reports from men who consume rich foods regularly have lesser chances of this disorder than those who did not intake it.

Be it to help with ED or lessen the chances of disorder, the below foods are said to be beneficial.

Oysters: The oysters contain zinc, which is an essential nutrient in your body. A well-cooked shellfish can help raise the levels of testosterone which contributes to improving your sex drive.

Coffee: As per a study, men who drink two to three cups of coffee every day had a reduced chance of ED. The caffeine present in coffee helps in blood flow boosting your love life.

Watermelon: This fruit is filled with antioxidants called lycopene. Lycopene is good for prostate, skin, and heart. A compound called citrulline present in this fruit helps to relax the blood vessels and improves blood flow. This compound has a similar effect to the medicines prescribed for ED.

Chocolate: The presence of flavonoids in chocolates especially the dark ones helps with increasing flow of blood in blood vessels and therefore contributes to keeping your heart healthy. It is better to avoid milk chocolates as they are high in sugar and fat and less on flavonoids. Also, flavonoids help improves production of nitric oxide which helps with erections, and many medicines of ED have nitric oxide.

Nuts: They act not only as a great snack but also helps with ED.
Pistachios are helpful to control blood pressure and cholesterol and has no known side effects post consumption. Use of this nut is found to have improved erectile functions.
Walnuts: Contains an amino acid called arginine which is used to produce nitric acid. It also is a source of fiber, and vitamin E. Presence of folic acid in nuts makes it a good food for both men and women. Be cautious of consuming more walnuts as it contains more calories.

Garlic: Garlic is known as a natural cure for heart-related ailments. It can reduce the fat accumulated on the arterial walls and improve the flow of blood to the heart. Including garlic in your diet will help to keep the arteries clear.

Green Vegetables: Greens are a powerhouse of nutrients. They contain, vitamins, omega 3 and minerals. Kale helps to increase nitric oxide which in turn helps boost your sex life. Spinach which contains magnesium in bulk helps reduce inflammation in blood vessels and aiding blood flow. Improvement in blood flow protects you from sexual disorders.

Chilies: The heat produced by peppers, jalapenos, etc. helps the arteries to relax and improve the flow of blood to the heart and all other organs. Chilies contribute to reducing blood pressure, blood clots and lowers cholesterol.

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